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St. Ephrem is well equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Quality education-character formation is the aim of our school.
To facilitate our students’ abilities and to develop their practical knowledge, we offer fully-equipped science laboratories and technology rooms.

Physics lab

Our physics lab is well equipped with various scientific instruments. The teachers take individual care to guide and help students to perform various experiments. Various instruments like metre bridge, potentiometer etc are available in lab.

Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab is well equipped with various scientific apparatus and solutions.The students can observe and perform the different reactions learnt in their text books .

Biology lab

The lab has a good collection of plants and animal specimens used by our students for practical learning process.Various instruments like microscope slides are available in lab .

Computer lab

Fully furnished computer lab have ………….computers.Internet facility is provided in ……computers to facilitate the use of internet as a source of knowledge.Computers are installed with latest hardware and software.

Maths lab

There is enough space for the students to perform their activities with ease and move freely to interact with fellow students and with teachers.Equipped with instruments like instrument box, mathematical tables,solids etc

Language lab

Provides facility for students to learn to speak English as the native speakers do.

Infirmary & FIRST AID

The infirmary tends to the sick and injured children with first aid care for at all times.


Well stocked library with an extensive collection of literature for all ages covering all genres with over 5000 books on different subjects helps our children to gain new knowledge, skills and dispositions for learning.

Kids park

Children admitted to LKG and UKG likes to play more than reading and writing. Recognising this psychological need,school is maintaining a park for variuos games and amusements.The motto is to keep little faces ever smiling.


Chapel for the holy mass and other spiritual activities like annual retreat, Prayer services and the Divine Liturgy, helps the spiritual growth of students.

Staff room


We have a proficient and expert fulltime counsellor to enhance the moral, emotional, spiritual and social development of the students.


School auditorium with a seating capacity of over….,…..


The school transportation is run by a fleet of conditioned vehicles connecting most parts of the nearby areas. Experienced drivers and bus assistants ensure that the students are taken to school and dropped back home safely.
We have .....number of buses... second trip....

Play ground

school play ground is one of the most important places in our young students' lives.Physical movement stimulates brain activity by improving blood flow to the brain.

Digital class rooms

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