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St. Ephrem Seminary Public School

St. Ephrem Seminary Public School, Sehion Nagar, Vettickal is an educational institution organised and administered by the St. Ephrem Seminary Educational Trust Udayagiri, Vettickal PIN-682314, with noble objective and intention of imparting the most efficient, reorient, and value based education. St. Ephrem Seminary Public School was established in 2002, in a serene village, free from fear fret and bustling of life, at vettickal in Ernakulam district of Kerala State. In 2005 the school was given NOC from the Government of Kerala and in the same year the school was affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi with NO. 930749.

The School has commodious class rooms, well equipped Computerlab, effective and updated and upgraded smart class, Science lab in various branches of science with sufficient components and instruments for experiments, library with thousands of books covering all the arena of learning and literature, play grounds for various sports and games, and all other moden facilities essential for the efficient education. The school lays stress on formal education in peaceful, calm and spiritual atmosphere, prescribed in C.B.S.E syllabus, in-corporating with resut oriented language lab and smart class. Extracurricula like drawing, craft, karate, dance, violin, yoga, guitar, drums and keyboard are also arranged to be taught.

The Chairman of the school H.G. Dr. Kuriakose Mor Theophilose Metropolitan is known for graceful philanthropy, humanitarianism. The Metropolitan has keen understanding and instinctive talent in moulding human mind. The Manager Rev. Dr. Adai Jacob who has achieved much in the lessons of theology and secular subjects is a sign of gentle learning and leadership. Both the Chairman and the Manager earned doctorates from Germany. The forethought of H.G. Dr. Kuriakose Mor Theophilose Metropolitan and Rev. Dr. Adai Jacob for the inevitability of a CBSE School, for the benefit of the children thrusting for CBSE education, in an around Vettickal, Mulanthuruthy, is being fulfilled by the establishment of St. Ephrem Seminary Public school( Senior Secondary). The Governing Body Member and Treasurer, Prof. Joseph Mattam (M.C. Joseph), an English Professor and writer, with vast teaching experience, a man who travelled much in the realms of many a branch of learning, is a strict disciplinarian. The Administrator of the school Mrs. Rachel Joseph proved her efficiency and merits in administration as Higher Grade under Secretary to Govt. of Kerala.

The curriculum of the school is rejuvenated, revamped and progressed by the occasional visits and encouragement of well-known and well experienced teachers from Europe. Thus the most efficient, educated and experienced persons are giving leadership to the school.

The efforts, resources and infrastructure combined with the skill and the talents of the academicians and efficient teachers direct the all-round development and progress of students. The school has achieved many considerably noticeable victories in arts, literary and sports competitions held in various centers, under the direction of C.B.S.E and in the auspice of Central Sahodaya. The school is now possessing high reputation among C.B.S.E schools in Kerala with sufficient infrastructure and high academic results in X and XII standards. Now the school has around 1200 students from playschool to standard 12 and 85 members of staff.

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